Amazon review by Karen West

“The Banker” is a book that keeps you engaged from the beginning with a character that is not very likeable. Sir Phil Black, the CEO of a major bank, has used every dirty trick in the book to further his career and in the process made some nasty enemies.

Phil leaves his family to go on the run from the Mafia kingpin who lost billions from the bank. Threatening Phil with death or worse if he doesn’t get his money returned. Not sure how to avoid being killed he puts his trust in the British Secret Service only to find out later that he has been left out in the cold with no protection.

Running around the world to exotic locations and meeting all kinds of weird and interesting characters add lots of excitement to the story. Phil is forced to trust people that might not have his best interest in mind. Having no money or means of support, Phil is forced into various jobs that he isn’t necessary qualified to do. Using his wits and a being a quick study he is able to survive.

This book has so many layers of interest is it really hard to summarize in a few paragraphs. There are so many twists in the story line but I was sure I knew were the story was headed and then it would twist again. That to me, makes a very exciting read. The ending was original and perfect for the story and one that you will not be able to guess.

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