Amazon review by Karen Doering 

The Banker is the debut novel by British writer Michael Drysdale.

In the world of banking and monetary intrigue, Sir Phil Black is a well sought expert. Riding high on the success of his bank he is living a life few would be able to afford. With his wife and daughter settled nicely he works hard, plays hard and delivers the bottom line the shareholders want to see.

But all is not as it seems. Sir Black is not the man he likes people to think he is. In fact he is ruthless, cold and has done whatever he needed to do to attain his top position. Spying and using the information gained to destroy the lives of others, he left morality long behind him in his quest for success.

But fate can be fickle and when the pension fund he heads takes a nose dive he is given the opportunity to resign, saving both the reputation of the bank and his own liberal pension. Unfortunately for our knight in none to shinny armour his dealings with the Russian criminal element may have been the catalyst for his destruction. The mob is after him and he is in hiding. Finding himself alone and unprotected in South America he must do whatever he can to save himself and his family.

Very tightly written with good flow and well done editing The Banker moves forward at a breathtaking pace keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. The characters are so realistic you can almost feel the bad guys breathing down Sir Blacks neck. Well the other bad guys anyway.

A very good debut novel by an author who shows good craftsmanship and attention to detail. I recommend this one for all who like a good mystery a bit of a thriller.

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