Amazon review by Eileen Shaw

This is a short, easy read, with some topical interest but little real depth. You will learn something of Ecuador and bird watching holidays, but little about the reality of banking and how we have come to the point of near breakdown in our financial systems. The book is light in tone and very digestible – what I would class as an airplane novel – something the nervous flyer might find absorbing. There are some drawbacks, however. The main one, for me, was that I have nothing but contempt for greedy bankers, so it was difficult to extend any empathy towards Sir Phil, the protagonist, in flight from his indiscretions as a banking chief. Secondly, I found the characterisation superficial. Especially when we were faced with, yet again, Russian thugs and their oligarch as the villains. Essentially this was villain versus villain, therefore who cares who wins in the end? One doesn’t mind implausibilities in thrillers though, so I did read this with the intention of being fair to it. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can write a thriller and make it an engrossing read. In spite of its superficiality, I rather enjoyed it.

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