Amazon review by david a cole

This is an international thriller. As a first book by Michael Drysdale, it is very good. There is a multi-layered plot which gets quite complex and yet it is not at all hard to follow. I enjoyed seeing some events turn out as I predicted but most events we complete surprises. I especially liked the way Drysdale introduced new characters. You meet them as events unfold and then begin to see how they fit into the story and learn what kind of people they are. There are also enough seemingly familiar world events woven into the story to give it a sense of reality. The descriptions of the various locations around the world where events take place also make the story seem very real, especially the places you have been and now find here.

All in all, a good read. I found myself not wanting to put the book down and so I read it very quickly.

I did receive this book free in exchange for a review. However, I honestly am hoping to see more from Michael Drysdale.

A fun read and lots of unexpected turns …

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