Olympic Medals

Earlier today a British MP caused a fuss when she tweeted the number of Olympic medals that could be assigned to the British Empire.

Just for fun I thought I would distribute the medals between the Roman Empire and other contemporary (roughly 200 BCE to 400 CE) empires.   Here is the medals table:

  • Roman Empire 255
  • Asian Empires  182
  • African Empires (Aksum) 8
  • American Empires (Maya) 5
  • Rest of World (Barbarians) 524

Asian Empires include Armenia, Parthia (Iran) , China and Japan. The Aksum Empire extended over Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Maya Empire extended over Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

I assigned the British medals (67 total) as follows. English and Welsh winners, 54 total, assigned to Roman Empire. Scottish  winners, 13 total, assigned to Rest of World (sorry Scottish readers). Sadly there were no medal winners from Northern Ireland.

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