Gone Girl Movie Review

I really liked this film. Gone Girl is a about a couple Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) who have been married for five years. Amy goes missing. We learn about the couple through a series of flashbacks – on the surface perfect (especially Amy) but it’s clear there are problems with the marriage.

I did find it took a while for the film to get going. I found the dialogue in the scene where Nick and Amy meet for the first time too pretentious.  I don’t know whether the Director wants us to like this couple – I certainly didn’t. Initially this is a missing person detective genre with the Nick at some point being the suspect for Amy’s abduction and/or murder. The movie then becomes more of a psychological thriller before morphing into more of a horror genre.

Simultaneously in the second half of the movie there are some delicious scenes of black comedy. Often mixing genres in this way isn’t successful, but in Gone Girl it worked for me. Manipulation is a theme of this movie; not only do Ben and Amy manipulate each other but the audience is manipulated too but in an enjoyable way. 4 stars.

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