The Railway Man – Movie Review

I liked The Railway Man. It’s about Eric Lomax(Colin Firth) an introverted man obsessed with railways who at the age of 60 meets future wife Patti (Nicole Kidman)on a train journey. Shortly after the wedding we see the first example of a post-traumatic stress disorder episode; a flashback to the time when Lomax was a POW working on the Thai-Burma railway after the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942.

The film alternates between these flashbacks, showing Lomax’s brutal treatment as a POW, and Patti’s attempts to coax him out of his shell. The younger Lomax is played by Jeremy Irvine. The film ends with Lomax reconciling with his former Japanese tormentor.

I thought the film was well acted and directed. There were a couple of oddities. First was fellow officer Finlay (Stellan Skarsgård) : Finlay was supposed to be Scottish but spoke with a Swedish accent throughout. The second more minor point was the use of 1960s train carriages despite the 1980 setting: something Lomax himself would have been first to spot. 3 stars.

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