Killing Floor – Book Review

This is my second Jack Reacher book; my first was The Affair which I thought was OK. This book is much better; above all it has an excellent plot. I liked the short chapters and apart from the first tenth of the book, which I thought was a bit slow, the story moved at a cracking pace. I liked the description of Margrave as a small town perfect on the surface; something out of the Stepford Wives.

While I agree with those reviewers who point out the short sentences, the repetition and the vigilante nature of Reacher’s character, I found this didn’t bother me. Maybe the use of the first person point of view make the short sentences seem to reflect Reacher’s thought processes rather than the author’s writing style.

There were a fair number of coincidences and leaps of faith but again, with one exception, I could accept them as part of the story. The exception was Reacher deducing, with hardly any evidence, a character’s alias and location.
Overall a very good book. 4 stars.

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