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The Affair by Lee Child

This is my first Lee Child book and I picked it because although it’s the 12th book in the published sequence it is the prequel to the Jack Reacher series. I liked the writing style, the chapters were short and most ended with a question which was answered in the following chapter. The image of life on a small army base town was conveyed well. But I found the pace far too slow for much of the book, although it did pick up a bit towards the end. I did find it rather boring; much of the action takes place in the town’s single diner where our two protagonists consume nothing but cheeseburgers, coffee and pie. Some of the descriptions are too verbose. There are really only two suspects in the case and Lee Child never creates any suspense and only a little intrigue. I didn’t like the ending; I felt rabbits were being pulled out of the hat and it wasn’t clear to me how Reacher reached his conclusion. Overall the book was OK, but I understand the early published books are far better. 3 stars.