Book Review – The Innocent

This is my first David Baldacci book.

Will Robie is a US government assassin whose latest latest assignment goes wrong and he finds himself a wanted man. But by whom and why is a mystery which is revealed bit by bit over the course of the book. Also on the run is 14 year old Julie who teams up with Robie.

The book is a page turner and although long,400 pages, each of the 100 chapters is short and always moves the plot along. On the way there are a number of false leads, betrayals and twists. There is some introspective moral questioning of the main character’s motives but I didn’t find this particularly well written.

I had a problem with Julie; she was far too mature for a 14 year old. Occasionally Baldacci would throw in a scene where she does act her age but for me this only highlighted how incredible a character she was most of the time.

Overall I enjoyed the book and give it 3 stars. I would have given 4 if the book was a bit shorter and the Julie character made more believable.

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