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Movie Review – Trance

The plot is about Simon, a fine art auctioneer who’s involved in the theft of a painting from his own place of work.  In the course of the heist Simon receives a knock on the head from gang leader Frank causing him amnesia.  When Simon comes round the painting is missing and Simon of course has no recollection of its whereabouts. After unsuccessfully torturing Simon, Frank decides to use a hypnotist to see if Simon’s memory can be unlocked. During the course of a number of hypnosis sessions the truth is gradually revealed and the painting eventually located.

I thought the first half of the film was excellent; the pace was brisk and there was a tension which never eased off. I had a bit of a problem with the second half. There are too many twists and turns: in particular it’s not clear what is reality and what is being re-enacted in a hypnosis session.  This left me confused and as a result losing interest in finding out what happened.  There is a voice over by one of the characters towards the end which summarizes the narrative and clears up most of the confusion. However I feel the film tried to be too clever and would have been better if there had been fewer twists and turns.  Three and a half stars.