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Bourne Legacy – Film Review

I was disappointed with this film. I found the first part of the film rather confusing. Frequent references are made to CIA operations Blackbriar and Treadstone which have gone wrong. Maybe if I’d seen earlier films in the series it would be clearer what these operations are about.  Also references are made to Jason Bourne (with photo of Matt Damon) who is missing, but otherwise plays no role in the film. Because the current operation Outcome, developing pills or ‘chems’ to enhance agents physical and mental prowess, is linked to the discredited Blackbriar and Treadstone, all agents involved need to be terminated.  The film’s main protagonist is Aaron Cross (Jeremy Reynolds) who at the beginning of the film is on a training exercise in Alaska. I enjoyed these scenes as our hero escapes several assassination attempts. Cross links up with Outcome scientist, Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz); she has also survived an assassination attempt. The couple escapes from Canada to the Philippines with the CIA just a few hours behind. I liked this section: there was a fair amount of tension, but little chemistry between Cross and Shearing. The chase through the rooftops and streets of Manila and is far too long