Harrogate Crime Writing Festival

I spent last weekend at the Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate.  I won’t give a detailed account of all the events I attended, just some overall impressions.

One talk was about e-books. E-books now represented 50% of overall sales. Consensus was that their market share would increase even further. One concern was that future e-book readers would expect their books, like music, to come free of charge.

Another talk was about authors who write about dangerous subjects such as gangs or the mafia and how they go about interviewing their subjects.

The New Blood event introduced 4 debut writers:  Elizabeth Haynes, who learned pole dancing as part of her research; David Mark, whose novel is based in Hull; Kate Rhodes, a poet and academic turned crime writer; and Oliver Harris, writer and PhD student.

A special guest was thriller writer Harlan Coben. I’ve not read him yet; his books tend to deal with missing persons and have loads of twists. I think I’ll try him soon.

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