Jubilee Weekend

I took a break from reading and writing over the holiday. On Sunday I decided to have a look at the Jubilee Pageant. This was a flotilla of over 1000 boats sailing down the Thames in a spectacle not seen for over 300 years. I had already seen the lead rowing boat, Gloriana, moored in Richmond, and it looked quite exquisite. Unfortunately this was all I would see. I took a train to Waterloo about an hour before the start and the river embankments between Southbank and London Bridge were full to bursting point. Many sections were sealed off by security. There was no way I could get onto Blackfriars Bridge, my preferred viewing point. Near Tate Modern I got to within 20 yards of the river but I couldn’t see the river let alone any boats because of the crowds. In the end I gave up, went home and saw it all on TV.

On Monday and Tuesday I went for a walk on Offa’s Dyke path from Welshpool to Oswestry. I’ve been doing this hike from south to north over 7 years now, just walking in summer with just a day or two’s walk each time. I’ve done about three quarters so it’s not far to finish.  

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