Started writing new book today

Today I started work on my second novel.  The book will be a thriller with an alternative history context and retrograde amnesia (long term memory loss) playing an important part. Apart from a 500 word synopsis I haven’t written anything yet.  I’ll write more about the synopsis in a future post. At the moment I’m working on the plot and planning some research into amnesia.

I don’t know of any books with amnesia as a core part of the plot but I’ve been recommended  a few movies, none of which I’ve seen yet.  These are:

The Long Kiss Goodnight   – a 1996 movie starring Geena Davis depicting retrograde amnesia.

Memento –  a 2000 movie starring Guy Pearce. Experts regard this as an excellent description of anterograde amnesia (short term memory loss).

50 first dates  – a 2004 movie starring Drew Barrymore. Depicts anterograde amnesia.

My book will deal with retrograde amnesia so only the first movie is relevant, but I’ll try to see them all anyway.

If readers of this blog know of other movies or books dealing with this subject, please do let me know.

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