Iron Lady Movie

I saw the Iron Lady the other night and although Meryl Streep is outstanding I would give the film only seven out of ten. A number of people have found the depiction of Margaret Thatcher old and suffering from dementia disturbing, I thought this was the better part of the film. The way she believes her husband Denis is  still alive and has imagined conversations with him was depicted well. Meryl Streep gave a very convincing performance here. The Iron Lady rummages through Denis’ possesions and these are used to link to a series of flashbacks to her earlier life and career as politician and Prime Minister.
Its the flashbacks that I had a problem with. There were far too many and meant that only a few minutes could be spent on each scene. This lessened their dramatic impact, although these all demonstrated Meryl Streep’s superb acting. She had Mrs T down to a T.

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