Movie Review – Another Earth

I saw Another Earth last night. The film was not what I was expecting, but I thought it was good all the same. The film had been advertised as a sci-fi dealing with a parallel universe. In fact it was more a psychological drama dealing with guilt and atonement. 

The plot is about a drunken student, Rhoda, who drives her car into oncoming traffic, killing a woman and her child and injuring her husband. Four years later having served time in prison Rhoda tracks down the husband, John, with the intention of apologizing.  John doesn’t recognize Rhoda and a relationship of sorts develops.  At the same time another planet is discovered, an exact replica of earth and its inhabitants. But this other earth is really only a background to the story.  Although clearly a low budget movie, the acting and production was good.  The material was a bit dark for the festive season so see the film when you’re in the right mood for it.

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