Finding an iBookstore title without an ipad

This post is for newbies in the selfpublishing ebook scene. You can only browse for iBookstore titles on an ipad or iphone. This makes it tricky for authors who don’t have one of these devices and who want to find out if their book is available or if they want to add a link on their website. It took me a bit of googling to find out how do this from a computer.

First go to   Then enter an author name or title in the search box. This will return books available on Kindle, Nook and iBookstore in the United States. If you click on the iBookstore entry you will get a page with an address something like

To find the iBookstore entry for other countries just replace the ‘us’ above with the country code. So for the United Kingdom the link in the above example will be

There are probably other ways of doing this, but the above worked for me.

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