Spook For A Day

Well just under an hour actually. I had just collected some business cards from a shop which happened to be located next to the HQ of the Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6) in Vauxhall, London. SIS and its HQ (known as Legoland in the intelligence community) feature in The Banker. It was around 5 pm and people were leaving the building, so I thought it would be fun to try to tail a spook.

I won’t compromise national security by describing the spook or exactly the route we took. Of course the individual may not have been a spook – it could have been a visiting plumber or cleaner.

I tailed the spook as far as redacted station, and followed the spook at a very brisk pace onto platform redacted. There were several people on the platform so I was able to get to within 30 yards of the spook, who looked in my general direction but showed no reaction. The train, heading for redacted, arrived and at the last minute the spook moved 2 carriages down – was this evasive action? I just managed to get in the same carriage and was able to have visual contact with the spook. I had a Travelcard so as long as we were within the Greater London area I could play this game. At redacted station the spook got off – I was able to follow despite the brisk pace but the station was very crowded and I soon lost the target.

Not a great job, still I’m an amateur and the spook a professional.

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